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What is Smart Glass?

Glass Office walls before turning on smart glass

What it Does

The glass can be switched from being frosted to transparent by remote control, standard switch or by smart technology. In its frosted state the film provides privacy and security by acting as an electronic blind for glass, window or partition. In the frosted state it also can act as a high definition rear projection screen allowing the display of corporate presentations, TV images and videos. 

Smart Glass is a truly innovative product making smart glass technology accessible to everyone while giving your business the added WOW factor.

Curved Switchable Glass Office

How it works

Product Construction

 Switchable Privacy film is constructed with two layers of transparent conductive film with PDLC material. The film is laminated between two pieces of glass. When power is applied to the film the liquid crystals line up and the window is clear. When the power is turned off, the liquid crystals return to their normal scattered position and turn the glass from clear to opaque.

Switchable Privacy Film

The liquid crystal privacy film is made up of electrically conductive coatings, a polymer matrix and liquid crystals. This film has electrical wiring to be connected to a transformer to supply power for the "on" (transparent) mode.

Switchable Privacy Glass

The liquid crystal privacy film is sandwiched between the glass makeup in a way similar to the construction of laminated glass. The outside skins are made up of glass (normally 4- 6 mm toughened glass) each side, then an EVA interlayer is inserted on each side to trap and hold the liquid crystal privacy film.


Technical and Sizes Available

Switchable Privacy Glass

GLASS TYPE: heat strengthened toughened, tempered, low iron


Interior/Office Partition: 10- 14mm laminated/ toughened

or 12- 50mm sealed unit

Glass Door: 10- 14mm laminated

Bi-Fold Door: 28- 50mm insulated sealed unit

Glass Exterior: 12- 14mm laminated/ toughened

28- 50mm sealed unit

SIZE: Up to 1.8m width and 2.8m height

SHAPE: Any shape, including cutout if required.

How Much is Smart Glass?

Prices have come down  some way in last few years but expect to pay :

  •  £600 Per Sq Metre 12mm Low iron Smart Glass
  • £375 per Sq Metre Retro Fit Smart Film

Prices Subject to Vat plus installation and accessories

Smart Glass in Action

Retro Fit Switchable Glass Film onto existing customer's Partitions

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